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A revolutionary solution that will safeguard your
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stable, healthy, and efficient.

Lack of Visibility and Reactive Responses

Over the past few years, the cybersecurity vendors have added protection to the application layer in addition to its traditional network protection. The rationale was to enable firewalls to protect organizations from zero-day attacks, brutal viruses, content awareness, and more. However, the new capabilities exponentially increased the level of complexity, and nowadays, security team members have limited or no visibility to track failures, update policies, and ensure they are up to date and enforced.

It became a real challenge to understand and follow:  
         What exactly is my security device’s status? 
        Are my devices operating as they should?
       Had the best practices been implemented in my device as they should?
       Is there a brute force attack taking place at this very moment that I don’t know about?
       How many malicious attack files have entered my organization in the last 8 hours?
       Are my current certificates up-to-date? Are they going to expire soon?
       Do I have massive fragmentation on the network, slowing down my firewall performance?
       Are my routing tables identical between all cluster modules?
       Do I have the tools to produce a detailed and straightforward report? 
       Do I have a stable validated backup that I can use at any given moment?  
       And so many more questions ..

The solution: A sophisticated automation algorithm is required.

The significant questions and lack of smart tools lead us to develop an intelligent tool that will continuously monitor security devices providing customers with full visibility, send critical alerts when needed, and will remediate on-the-fly without any influence. 

Behaviour Analysis module
Cyber-attacks are an assault launched by an attacker using one or more servers against single or multiple servers. Statistically, such attacks occurred every minute globally from all over the world. Therefore, it is crucial to defend your assets as much as possible simply because only one succeeded attempt can cause the organization severe damage. Attacks might come from different methods and shapes such as Dos, SYN, Botnet, exploits, scanning, and more. Our behaviour analysis agent module can catch those attacks based on a complicated and sophisticated algorithm that does not rely on an external source or vendor. The catch rate stands at 98%. We offer detection and prevention.

Health Check

A comprehensive algorithm that includes hundreds of tests, revealing future and existing faults and alerts before something malfunctions. We are much more profound and in-depth than SNMP.  We provide an innovative, efficient and productive approach to stabilizing your security devices.

Automatic response

Has a compelling module that can identify particular issues and fix them on-the-fly without causing any downtime, cluster failover, or false positive. It will not remediate uncertain matters; instead, it will give a list of instructions and explanations of how to remediate, and what is the implication for such behavior.

IPS Analyzer

Application layer attacks emerge endlessly, and therefore, it is essential to activate the IPS blade. But what if the company enabled the IPS and suddenly your gateway is starting to work slowly? Maybe a single signature is causing the load, out of 6000 signatures? How do I track that signature?

In the absence of the right tools to understand the reason for that slowness, most companies won’t have the tolerance to keep that blade up and running and will roll back to the previous configuration. Apart from the frustration and the fact the organization is not secure, it will be challenging to regain the customer’s trust to reactivate that blade again.

Would it be amazing if there will be a smart app that will automatically use the right tools to deeply diagnostic each IPS signature to determine the CRITICAL, HIGH, and MEDIUM load protection signatures? By gaining that info, most chances that deactivating some of the un-needed signatures will reduce the gateway load, and correspondingly the IPS blade will remain active.

Network Statistics

Extracts valuable information from each gateway is essential. Specific values like Top Sources, destinations, and services as well as bandwidth. It will keep that information, so it will be straightforward to troubleshoot gateway latency, suspicious IPs, and much more. 

API Capabilities

The API capabilites allows security admins to automatically connect to the Check Point API to do the following: 

1) Adding or deleting hosts and networks based on an external source.
2) Creating groups and associating hosts/networks to the relevant groups
3) Response and validation before pushing policy
4) No need for scripting expertise


Retrieving information and reports from the app is vital. Managers and security admins can build a customized summary of the last minutes/hours/days occurrences in a clear and straightforward format based on many different possibilities and filters.

Visualize Your Data
In addition to it’s accurate reports and alerts, a high-level summarized visualized is available per device, making the device’s statistics and status easy to understand at a glance.

Alerts and Visibility

Critical alerts will be sent through an SMTP and SMS, while others will be sent to it’s console and reports. A unique mechanism will validate the alert to make sure it is real and not false positive. Identical alerts and notifications are customizable.  

Regulation Audit

It is using a smart approach to auditing commands admin users are executing. Informative commands will be ignored, while major commands like modifying/changing and deleting will be audited in a detailed report. 

Our Backup‭

It is crucial to have a valid backup. It will give you the option to have a reliable copy in a secure repository. Our experts will validate the backup files and make sure that they are available to restore. We offer a variety of ways to restore effortlessly and intuitively.

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