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TellyVision was established in 1978 as a service company providing Audio-visual solutions, repairs and installations, convert “Old records / Tapes / VHS video’s / Photo’s / Slides and negatives.

Dion Tarin has steered the company to its present position taking advantage of the convergence of voice, video & data, enabling the company to provide multimedia solutions to clients.

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Cellular: – 082-519-6447


  • Installations & Repairs of Audio -Visual systems

  • Installations of CCTV Systems and Control Centre

  • Installation of “Smart Homes” (Automated)

  • Installation of Security Systems – Facial & Biometric access control

  • Installation of  RF tracking/monitoring systems

  • Installation of Conferencing Solutions

  • Convert “Old vinyl Records / Tapes / VHS Video’s / Photo’s / Slides / Negatives in to a digital format.

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