About Us


TCE is a professional solution provider, offering holistic cost affective and efficient solutions which match a companies individual needs. It is our goal to provide our clients with the necessary (robust, secure and easy to use) tools which will optimize there performance, therefore empowering them to focus on their prime objectives.

Established in 1984, the company has a proud track record. A visionary company which has introduced many innovative & cutting edge solutions to the South African ICT, years ahead of the competition. Some of these include – Webtrends, Coldfusion, Gigabyte Switches, the very first memory sticks and Windows logon solutions.


Ownership & Equity
TCE is busy addressing the BEE charter. TCE believes that the issues surrounding the disadvantaged & skill shortage is the responsibility of both business and government and therefore requires special attention & real commitment.

Part of TCE ‘s commitment is the “Adoption” plan in which a disadvantaged school is adopted and receives a percentage of our net profits. It is also intended to extend this to Elderly Care. This commitment is intended to extend beyond just the monetary aspect and encompass other needs.

TCE also believes in the growing & empowerment of the People of our country & thus supports joint ventures with “Locally Owned Business” and making use of resources from local community.


The staff consists of experience individuals in their respective fields from both the consulting & technical disciplines. Our senior consultants have extensive experience in developing, implementing and providing solutions for the top South African corporations.

Assist customers to improve their bottom-line through innovative use of ICT. Empower, motivate & grow staff to participate in the economy. Cultivate excellence & professionalism in specialist disciplines.

Generate wealth & asset base for stakeholders. Support local Business & help grow our provincial economic strength.

Services - TCE is focused on DATA

  • Data Protection – Encryption, authentication & authorization.
  • Data Mining – Data Analytics – Data Transformation – from 1platform or Application to another. Our consultants are able to analyses clients’ business requirements and provide cost effective solutions.
  • Enterprise Application Integration We address the integration of disparate software systems & data, enabling organization to maximize ROI on existing investment like Business to business & e-billing, significantly increasing business productivity by automating processes & creating an integrated workflow environment.
  • Electronic documents Security. eSign – electronic documents embedded with a graphical digital signature in which both document content & the signature can be validated.
  • Website Hosting’s. Custom & package solutions

    Employment Overview -We believe in equal opportunity and profit sharing, where a employee is allowed to grow to his fullest potential, determined by his own ability and perseverance. All vacant positions are firstly sourced in-house, all employees are monitored for signs of talent and ability. “