Business Partners

Business Partners
Vintec business partners are carefully selected based on several critical criteria, including: proven track record in successful delivery of similar products and/or services to these markets and/or specific (major) clients within the chosen sectors; financial capability and infrastructure/ resource requirements to support speedy ramp-up of market supply and support; visible name and market reputation; and willingness to commit to challenging sales volumes on a contracted basis. Vintec provides its partners with comprehensive support and generic marketing programs. Vintec provides its business partners with marketing and measuring tools, technical know-how, transfer technology and on-site support.

Business Opportunity:
Join Vintec Business Partners Group

Requirements for Business Partners

Companies interested in becoming business partners need to have the following criteria:

  • ability to implement magnetic and electronic technologies
  • marketing and sales capabilities of around 2 Millions USD turnover per year.
  • experience of at least 5 years as an electrical contractor or energy saving solution provider.
  • provide all aspects of electrical works and installation of automation systems.
  • employ experienced staff – the company team members must all be experienced professionals encompassing a wide range of fields including, electrical works, commissioning and installation.
  • have the following professionals on its staff: 
    • Sales Engineer.
    • Electrical Engineer
    • Telemarketing support.
    • Electrician.

If your company meets the requirements listed above and is interested in joining our business partner group, please don’t hesitate to contact us.