Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

Vintec has appointed nine authorized business partners worldwide and is actively seeking local business partners. If your company is in the energy saving business we will be glad to receive your company profile in order to consider you as a potential partner for supplying total solutions for energy saving in your country. We invite you to contact us and will be in touch with you shortly.

Solar Geyser Manufacture
There has been great interest shown in the manufacture of geysers by some of our partners which, has lead to our now offering the “Transfer of technology” for Solar Geyser Manufacture. This will include “Hand holding” to insure the success of such a venture. Funding can also be arranged for the qualifying partner should this be required.

News Report
Solar Geyser roll-out to incorporate greater local content.
South African government has the ambition of installing one-million solar water heaters across South Africa by 2014, and is aiming at creating the best policy and legislative environment for this to be achieved.
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Vintec also now offers the following technologies, tools, engineering, training and complete assembly line for the Manufacture:

  • Technology transfer of the Light energy saving controllers –OptiLux
  • Technology transfer of the Electronic dimmable ballast- Universal Ballast
  • Technology transfer of our new LED street lights.
  • Tools, Technologies and assembly line of solar water heaters ( Geyser)
  • Complete PV Solar Power stations 1-5 MW as total solution for electricity.

 Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.


The Local Markets

Vintec’s Business partners are active in the following sectors

  • Industrial applications
  • Mining
  • Warehouses & distribution centres
  • Large shopping centres & supermarkets
  • Car parks
  • Petrol stations
  • Street lighting
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Airports

Marketing Strategy

  • We offer savings (Money)
  • Vintec promotes energy saving (Not products)
  • We focus on total energy optimization 
  • We optimize your light level

The Light Energy Saving Market
Vintec energy saving technology has been installed in over 1000 locations in the United Kingdom, Malta, Israel, The Netherlands, Portugal, The Middle East and Turkey.

Vintec is active in all the countries only via business partners and nominates representatives for marketing surveys throughout the world.