One-Time Passwords

OTPSign is the new USB token realized by applying the innovatory EUTRON-VASCO hybrid technology that combines the advantages of OTP authentication with the potential offered by PKI technology. OTPSign is a device that enables accessing the digital services quickly and safely through the telephone, mobile and Internet channels, besides allowing secure and non-repudiable transactions; it is therefore an extremely flexible, inexpensive and simple solution. This product is ideal for all those entities and organizations that intend to offer their customers secure multichannel accesses to corporate archives, bank data, financial services, health services et cetera).

OTPSign is an M2 secure device: multichannel and multipurpose: Multichannel, thanks to the OTP USB hybrid technology that allows secure access from the fixed and mobile telephone network, from the Internet and via Internet through the USB token Multipurpose, thanks to the EUTRON «all-in-one» technology which combines the OTP component with the smart card cryptography function and the smart card reader, jointly with the USB format flash memory.

Main functionalities:

  • OTP Functionalities
  • One-Time-Password authentication
  • Button-operated OTP generation
  • OTP Encryption: Time synchronous / Time and Event synchronous
  • Compatibility with the whole Digipass VASCO family
  • PKI Functionalities
  • Signature and on-board generation of the 1024 bit RSA key pair
  • X 509 v3 certificates and secure key storage
  • PIN for private key protection
  • USB MemoryFunctionalities(optional)
  • Standard Mass Storage
  • CD-ROM with autorun function
  • Encrypted Mass Storage, with AES 256 bit
  • Write-protected Mass Storage (read-only partition)


  • ITSEC-I-64 with 64K EEPROM, RSA 2048 bit cryptography, INFINEON SLE66CX642P cryptographic chip, CardOS M4.3B Siemens mask – Chip CC EAL 5+ certified and mask CC EAL 4+ certified
  • ITSEC-I with 32K EEPROM, RSA 1024 bit cryptography, INFINEON SLE66CX322P cryptographic chip, CardOS 4.01A (ITSEC E4 High certified) or CardOS M4.2B (CC EAL 4+certified) or CardOS M4.3B (CC EAL 4+ certified) Siemens – chip CC EAL 5+ certified
  • ITSEC-P with 32K EEPROM, RSA 1024 bit cryptography, PHILIPS P8WE5032 cryptographic chip, G&D StarCOS SPK 2.3 mask – Chip and mask ITSEC E4 High certified/li>

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