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Secure Vein Authentication

Cellular Security Identity


Vein ID

Finger vein authentication is a technique that uses images of finger vein patterns captured by penetrating the finger with near infra-red rays to verify an individual’s identity. Delivering groundbreaking levels of accuracy and speed of authentication, this technology is one of the world's most advanced authentication technologies.

BioPocket is the USB smart card fingerprint reader, equipped with a partitionable flash memory, pocket-sized and therefore extremely handy.



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Products and solutions for data and communication security on mobile devices. The products offer smart card security for all mobile devices, especially smart phones and PDAs.The main component is our Smart Card microSD, the combination of a Smart Card and a flash memory Card in the shape of a microSD card, a revolution in mobile security. It provides all functions and features of a conventional Smart Card with the design of a microSD card hence it can be used with all mobile devices, especially in Smartphones and PDAs. Business processes are expandable onto mobile devices delivering a significantly increased productivity without any loss of security complying with applicable security directives and certified.

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Monitor all that is "Happening" in reall- time on PC's, LapTop's and/or Cellular phones.

Cellular Phones:


Everything that you need to reveal secrets!

Monitor - Listen to surrounding sounds in the vicinity of the handset Interceptor - Listen to both sides of a call in progress, intercept (ears dropping) call in real time from target phone

GPS Location - Track via GPS location (Latitude-longitude)

It's like having a video camera recording the "Monitor/screen" - capturing everything that is displayed and typed.
Receive real-time alerts as to what's happening - "White/Black List"
Receive copies of emails sent or received even from "Gmail" accounts.

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CoSign - eSignatures




Companies using CoSign digital signatures find it easy to fully automate their business processes with the necessary controls to secure transactions and to comply with regulations. With extensive application support and a centralized approach that allows for rapid deployment, CoSign lowers operating costs with little disruption.





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One platform for multiple GRC applications



"Companies that select individual solutions for each regulatory challenge they face will spend 10 times more on the IT portion of compliance projects than companies that take on a proactive and more integrated approach" Gartner

A suite of Products  

 Dynasec Enterprise offers different applications organized under five solution categories: Internal Control Management, Operational Risk Management, IT Risk and Governance, Internal Audit and General Compliance. The platform enables GRC convergence among the different applications and between the five solution groups.

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King 3 code to take effect


Professional Services Editor


Firms should start thinking about what principles of the King 3 report on corporate governance they should be applying, as the code becomes effective next month.

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GRC - Companies see the advantages

Specifically, in the survey of more than 400 executives and professionals across a variety of industries, 70 percent said the benefits of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance outweigh the cost. Over time, the many man hours and all the money spent on software to automate controls, consultants, auditors, filing fees, etc., pays off.


Vodacom scammer out on bail   

By Staff writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 3 Aug 2009

A Vodacom engineer, who is allegedly at the centre of a syndicate that robbed bank clients of R7 million, is out on R15 000 bail.

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One-Time PassWord

Web Identity




Key-Logon BE is a solution that makes use of an authentication mechanism for Windows systems, as it runs before starting the Microsoft standard logon procedure, thus replacing the simple request of username and password with the authentication mechanism by means of a USB fingerprint device.

Key-Logon BE represents a worthy alternative to the smart card logon for stand-alone systems, as it enables protecting the logon procedure within Windows 2000 and XP environments, that are based on a GINA-type authentication mechanism (Graphical Identification aNd Authentication), by using a USB biometric device as an authentication tool.

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OTPSign is the new USB token realized by applying the innovatory EUTRON-VASCO hybrid technology that combines the advantages of OTP authentication with the potential offered by PKI technology. OTPSign is a device that enables accessing the digital services quickly and safely through the telephone, mobile and Internet channels, besides allowing secure and non-repudiable transactions; it is therefore an extremely flexible, inexpensive and simple solution. This product is ideal for all those entities and organizations that intend to offer their customers secure multichannel accesses to corporate archives, bank data, financial services, health services et cetera).


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WebIdentity is the system based on the hardware key that, once inserted in the USB port of the PC, enables recognizing the user of a Web-based application univocally and establishing protected and encrypted transactions on Internet, Intranet and Extranet networks.

 WebIdentity solves any management and replicability problems of user-name and password-based systems simply and functionally.



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